I was missing my front tooth from a sports accident, and Dr. Wu made the crown that fixed my smile. It fits perfectly, looks natural and no one can tell that it’s not a real tooth. I have moved to several different cities since then, and every single dentist has complimented the crown and commented on how good the work was. No one can tell it’s a crown, including many oral hygienists who meet me for the first time. His beautiful work has changed my everyday life in a huge way.


I have a total of 5 implants done by Dr. Lin and Dr. Wu. They did the work excellently and the qualities were superb! They have the best gentle hands I’ve ever experienced. And they also pay lots of attention to details. I’d highly recommend them, if you need some crown, root canal or general dental works done.

I have to mention about the 3 teeth on the top left back side. My previous dentist, who was a Harvard graduated dentist, said that he could not perform an implant procedure. Because the roots were very close to my sinus. Dr. Lin did a sinus lift and successfully implanted all 3 teeth for me. And Dr. Wu put on 3 crowns for me afterwards. I have had these 3 implants for about 10 years now and I haven’t had any problems or issues.